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    Customized Horse Stall Sign

    Have you been thinking about decorating your horses stall? Do you want a customized stall sign but need it on a budget? This tutorial is for you! This post contains affiliate links. Please read my disclaimer for more information about affiliate links. Customized Stall Sign Tutorial: Materials: Sign Blank – $2.99 at Michaels Craft Paint & Foam Paint […] More

  • Adding Holes to a Nylon Halter
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    Adding Holes to Nylon Horse Halters

    Have you ever had the perfect halter only to discover that you needed an extra hole or two to get it to fit your horse?  We regularly have this situation with our burro halters and came up with this solution for adding holes to nylon horse halters. A small horse halter fits their muzzle great […] More

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    Horse Medication Log

    Having a way to keep track of what medications were given and when is important to overall stable management. This medication log will help you track date given, which medication, which horse it was given to, who gave it and the amount. For given by, if only one person administers meds you could just list […] More

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    Performing Under Pressure

    When we think of obstacles and desensitizing our horses mostly we think about asking the horse to conquer the fear or interact with the thing that is scary. This video illustrates another way to think about obstacles. Can your horse ignore them? Obviously this horse has done this before but watch how he is able […] More

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    Obstacle Course Ideas

    This company manufactures a really neat bracket for quickly building obstacles. While we don’t own any of these brackets (and are NOT being paid to write this post) we think it is a super neat idea because it allows flexibility so you can easily change things up. Even if you aren’t buying the brackets, this […] More

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    Horse Health Log

    Often one of the first detectable signs of illness in a horse is often fever. There are other symptoms of course including decreased appetite, lack of energy, coughing etc. Knowing your horse’s “normal” vital signs like respiration rate, temperature, and pulse can aid you and your vet in determining if a horse is getting sick as […] More

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    General Information Form

    This general information form is handy any time you need to provide (or obtain) general information about a horse. This would be useful during the sale / adoption process as well as when switching boarding facilities, traveling to a show, or even as a general information sheet for your horse sitter. Remember these are free […] More

  • Detangling A Matted Mane

    Detangling a Matted Mane

    This is a mildly matted mane, something we have all probably seen before.  The most typical kind of mane mat I see on a horse is where two or more sections twist themselves together usually forming some type of dreadlock towards the bottom of the mane. This horse is a BLM mustang who has spent […] More

  • Horse Health Record Forms - Free Printables
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    Horse Health Record Form

    We hope these horse health record forms are just what you need to start getting your barn organized! Keeping track of a  horses individual health records can be a daunting task when you have more than one horse in your care. I’ve managed up to 25 animals at a time and found it necessary to […] More

  • DIY Hand Painted Stall Signs

    DIY Hand Painted Stall Signs

    Custom, hand painted stall signs look great on a horse’s stall. This tutorial shows you step-by-step how you might go about hand painting a stall sign for your horse. This is project is simple and easy enough for a group of pony clubbers. Total spent on this project = $0.00. You should be able to […] More

  • DIY Hand Painted Horse Grooming Brushes
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    DIY Hand Painted Grooming Brushes

    Custom, hand painted horse grooming brushes can cost $20 and up plus shipping from sites like Etsy and Ebay. Don’t get me wrong, the commercially available brushes are gorgeous, just Google them and you will see. This is, however, ABSOLUTELY something you can do at home for just a few dollars. In fact, it could […] More

  • Horse Stall Letter Tutorial

    Stall Letter Tutorial

    Have you ever seen custom stall signs and wanted to make one of your own? Because I run a horse adoption program, horses come and go and customized stall signs aren’t always feasible or practical. Instead, I created stall “letters” that I can reference on my training board. This is easy to do and just […] More

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