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Can Cowboy Boots Be Stretched? (5 Tips)

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If you ask a cowboy, they’ll tell you that their boots are the most comfortable shoes they’ve ever had. You’ll see people wearing cowboy boots for everything; some will even play recreational sports in their boots!

Cowboy boots aren’t cheap, but they’re made with quality materials designed to last forever. A good pair of boots can last you a lifetime if you treat them right. It’ll be the pair of shoes you grab whenever you walk out the door.

girl wearing Cowboy boots

Most people, and especially cowboys, have more than one pair. They’ll have dress boots, work boots, and play boots. Each pair has a unique purpose and uses them according to the occasion.

While boots turn into comfortable shoes, they aren’t always that way. First, it takes time for the leather to mold to the shape of your foot.

Before that, however, boots can give you blisters and feel stiff. One of the best ways to speed up the breaking-in process is to stretch the boots.

Here are some ways to stretch your boots to get that perfect fit faster.

Wear Them!

Of course, the best way to stretch your boots is to wear them as much as possible. However, when you first buy them, you probably don’t want to wear them out working all day because they will tear up your feet.

Instead, you should try to wear them in shorter spurts that still give them the stretch they need to start softening.

Some people enjoy wearing your boots as they walk around the house or work in the yard. You can take them off if you start to develop blisters.

Simple bending of your foot and small movements of everyday work is enough to get them stretching. After that, you’ll loosen the leather to the point where it feels more comfortable and less rigid.

Stretching Your Boots by Hand

Another way to stretch your cowboy boots is by bending them with your hands. By folding, pushing, and pressing them with your palms and fingers, you can give them a workout when you’re not wearing them.

This is an easy option when you’re watching TV or relaxing after work. Grab your boots and fold them back and forth to loosen them up. If you’ve worn them a few times, you should see where they are creasing, so it’s easy to know where to bend them.

Push down on the toe and massage the heel as much as you can. Hopefully, the next time you wear them, you’ll notice a difference in how comfortable they feel.

Cowboy in the Barn Wearing Boots While Seating on the Pile of Hay.

Wear Two Pairs of Socks

Another fantastic way to stretch your cowboy boots is to wear more pairs of socks. Wearing thicker socks or doubling up on them gives the boots nowhere to go but outward. They’ll stretch out so that the next time you wear them with a single pair, they’ll feel loose by comparison.

Wearing two pairs of socks will feel tight at first; you may not want to go all day with two pairs on. In addition, it will be harder to move, and your feet will likely be much hotter.

This is a terrific option for when you want to wear your boots for just an hour or two. Wearing two pairs of socks should get easier the more you do it, so you can wear them for longer as you go.

Steam the Boots

Steaming your boots is a wonderful way to stretch them out because the steam softens the leather, making them more malleable whether you’re wearing them or massaging them with your hands.

Steaming is easier, of course, if you have a steam machine at home. You can also put them in the bathroom and turn on the hot shower to create enough steam to soften them without getting them wet.

Once they’ve steamed for a reasonable amount of time, you should massage them to stretch them out to fit your feet better.

Shot of a pair of cowboy boots outside a barn

Use a Softening Lotion to Stretch Your Boots

Boot sellers should have creams or lotions in the store you can purchase to soften and stretch your boots. If not, you can search for some good choices online.

Be careful, however, when you buy any sort of cream because the wrong lotion can affect the color of your boots. Make sure you purchase something neutral that won’t stain your shoes.

If you have the cream at home, use a cloth to clean the boots first. Dirty boots can scrape and scratch as you massage the cream into the leather. Once they’re clean, take the conditioner and apply it to some spots on the leather that are harder to see just to be safe.

Then, put a small amount of the cream or conditioner on a clean cloth and slowly but firmly massage it into the leather. Usually, a circular motion avoids any sort of streaking or staining.

Once you’ve covered the entire boot, put them on and walk around in them. Try not to get dirt on them because they’ll be sticky with the conditioner on them at first. Also, wearing them around is a fantastic way to stretch them out.

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Buy a Stretching Spray for Your Boots

Just like you can buy special conditioners to soften the leather, you can also purchase special sprays designed to make stretching more manageable.

When buying a stretching spray, you need to read the instructions carefully to avoid mistakes and get the best results.

Most of the time, you need to clean the boot first. Then, apply the spray as directed and with the right amount. Finally, wear the boots when the spray is on them to stretch them out and get them to mold to the shape of your foot.

Final Thoughts

You’ll love your cowboy boots because they specifically fit your foot shape. You can’t wear someone else’s pair of boots the way they can. After your shoes stretch and mold to your feet, you’ll never want to buy another pair once your boots are done stretching!