29 Awesome Horse Rescue Name Ideas

Anyone who has the pleasure of riding or training a horse knows how truly special they are. Horses have an impact on all those whose lives they touch. But what about the horses who are abused, abandoned or neglected? How can we help them find permanent, stable, loving homes? Horse rescues are a truly noble […]

Average Horse Trailer Weights (with Examples)

The magic of owning horses fulfills many a dream but, once you have the horse, how do you get it anywhere. This is where horse trailers come in handy. The weight of your horse trailer will be one of the main factors in the size of towing vehicle needed. The average two-horse trailer weights around […]

15 Fruits and Vegetables Horses Love to Eat

If you are anything like me, spending time with your horse is one of your favorite past times. Even when you can’t ride, its nice to get that quality time. My mare LOVES treats so I’m always thinking about what I can do to keep her interested. It’s fun to introduce new foods to your […]