Donkey vs. Mule vs. Hinny: A Look at the Differences

To the average equine appreciator, the terms “mule” and “donkey” are often used interchangeably. They look similar, sound similar and their breed names are used, somewhat unfairly, similarly in metaphors and similes (“stubborn as a mule”/”stubborn as a donkey”). It may surprise you, then, to learn they are actually two separate animals! But just what […]

481 Awesome Show Names for Your Horse

Choosing a barn name for your horse is typically much easier than a show name. When showing our horses, a name is usually chosen that is longer and, usually, more elegant. Sometimes it helps to have a list of names to give you some ideas.

Doma Vaquera: Origin, Competition Types and Scoring

Doma Vaquera pursues a balanced and methodical training of the equine so that the vaquero manages to perform all his orders in harmony and balance. The horse must be so attentive to its rider, that together they become a perfect pair.

Beet Pulp For Your Horses: A Case for Wet and Dry

Beet pulp is a quality source of forage for horses and it can even help stretch your hay when you are running low. It can add weight to horses that need a little extra boost and it is perfect for horses with insulin-related issues.