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Toys For Horses To Play With

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It may come as a surprise to some new horse owners, but did you know that a lot of horses love playing with toys? In fact, they love them so much that there are products designed specifically with horses in mind. The trick is finding the right toy for your specific horse!

A horse playing a yellow big ball

As you may already know, every horse has a unique personality, but almost every horse loves activity of some kind. Of course, some horses will have little to no interest in toys, and that is okay!

Thankfully, those horses that do like playing with toys have several options to choose from, so you should have no problem finding the right one for your horse.

Horse toys help keep horses entertained and their minds occupied, especially if they are alone or have a lot of energy to expend. Horses that have a propensity for cribbing (chewing wood) or pacing in their stalls, may benefit from playing with a toy. This can save their owners time and money that would be spent on repairs!

You may need to try to couple different toys before you find that one your horse likes the most. Another helpful recommendation is to rotate a variety of toys so your horse does not become bored with them. (source)

Manna Pro-Equine Starter Kit

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This kit comes with everything you need to set up a “Likit” treat toy for your horse. The kit includes the holder, three different flavored Likit refills, a rope hanger, and two free carrot-flavored treat bars.

This interactive treat toy for horses can be easily hung in a horse’s stall or shelter. Many horses enjoy licking on the flavored treat, and even tossing it around.

Horsemen’s Pride 10” Horse Jolly Ball Apple Scented

Horsemen’s Pride 10″ Horse Jolly Ball Apple Scented
  • This innovative Horse Toy doesn’t need air to inflate: will not pop

This durable horse toy is a simple idea, yet very entertaining for most horses. It is apple scented to get a horse’s attention, and it includes a built-in handle that allows a horse to grab the ball with its teeth and toss it as they want.  

They can chew it, kick it, or fling it, and it will never deflate! It isn’t filled with air, so a hole or tear will not ruin it! Many horses enjoy jumping on the ball, tossing it in the air, chasing it down, and even chewing on it.

It will keep horses entertained and deter them from destructive boredom habits like cribbing and windsucking.

Shires Horse Ball Feeder

Ball Feeder (Purple)
  • Encourage a More Natural, Slower Eating Pattern with the Shires Ball Feeder.The Shires Ball Feeder encourages a more natural, slower eating pattern than feeding from a bucket. The Ball Feeder is a useful aid for relieving boredom or stress in the stable or paddock and for horses on box rest. Fill with pony nuts and let your horse explore how to release them. Small ‘rewards’ are dispensed as the ball is rolled around.

This slow feeder toy for horses helps deter boredom and encourages interactive play, especially for horses that are alone and need something to keep their minds occupied.

This toy feeder can be filled with a variety of treats and it is extremely durable, so it can withstand getting thrown around and stepped on.

It is spherical with flat sides that allow it to roll a little but not roll away uncontrollably.  

Parallax Small Holed Hay Play To

Parallax Small Holed Hay Play
  • The Hay Play is the original spherical shaped slow forage feeder.
  • Its unique design has thirty two flat faces that enable the feeder to roll around as the horse grazes from it.
  • The movement of the hay play challenges and entertains the horse and offers all the benefits of slow feeding without the need for additional treats or feed.

This heavy-duty horse toy is a spherical slow feeder for horses that is designed to hold hay instead of treats.

Instead of rolling around nonstop like a normal round ball, this horse toy is designed to roll when pushed and stop quickly on flat edges unless pushed again.

The holes are small, making it ideal for ponies and miniature horses who need their forage intake controlled, although large horses often enjoy it just as much!

Rural365 Large Horse Ball Toy with Pump

Rural365 Large Horse Ball Toy with Pump
  • IMPROVE HORSE CONFIDENCE: Help your horse build curiosity, courage, and confidence with the Rural365 Giant Horse Ball; Great for horse training and exercise, puts an end to boredom, and brings out their playful side; Additionally use as a toy play ball for your large dog, donkey, goat, and more
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Slowly introduce your horse to this equine ball by placing it in your pasture and letting your horse investigate; Your horse will eventually warm up to the bright blue ball and run and play with it; Horses can use their feet and body to push ball around and have fun

This 30” giant ball is made specifically with horses in mind. It is heavy duty and comes with a pump. It is an inflated ball, but it is made to be exceedingly durable and can withstand a lot of mistreatment by a horse!

It is designed to handle a large amount of pressure and if it is punctured, it will not explode, although it will deflate.

Horses enjoy kicking the ball around with their hooves and chasing it down. It provides hours of enjoyment for horses inside and outside of a stall.

Watching your horse play with one of these toy balls will be an amusing experience you will not want to miss!

Likit Snack-A-Ball Stable Toy

Likit Snak-a-Ball (One Size) (Purple)
  • Enhance every feed time with the unique feeding ball.
  • Designed to be filled with dry horse food, the ball delivers small amounts of food when pushed around by the horse.
  • Extending feeding times and encourages natural foraging behavior.
  • Ideal for overweight horses and ponies on limited rations and for those that bolt their food.

Unlike other slow feeders, this treat ball has small holes which means it is designed for smaller foods like pellets or muesli.

This interactive ball keeps horses occupied while also providing them with treats, or pelleted grain that they normally eat. It has a twist-off lid so you can fill it with whatever treat your horse prefers.

Horses will roll it around for hours on end looking for the small treats it releases as they play!

Jolly Tug Horse Toy

Horsemen’s Pride 14″ Jolly Tug Horse Toy
  • Highly durable Horse toy is made with a 14” Jolly Ball inside of a tough, machine washable Cordura Nylon cover
  • Jolly Tug Horse Toy has 2 handles allowing multiple horses to play together, you can play tug with your horse, or simply providing easier access for your horse to play independently
  • The durable Cordura Nylon material, along with rope inside the handles makes this product stand up to the toughest of horses

This unique horse toy was created to allow two horses to play together with the same toy. A 14-inch inflated ball sits inside of a nylon shield that protects it from a horse’s teeth. It has a handle on each end, providing a place for horses to grab onto the toy.

Horse owners can even play along with their horses, but safety should always be your number one concern. Horses are able to play a game of tug with other horses, their owner, or they can toss the toy around as they wish!

Horseman’s Pride Horse Pas-a-Fier

Horsemen’s Pride Horse Pas-a-Fier Stall Toy
  • This super durable stall boredom toy has a rotating device that allows your horse to massage its gums for hours
  • Designed to be mounted in the corner of a stall (all mounting hardware included)
  • Made with an innovative apple scented polymer for extra strength and durability
  • Proudly Made in the USA by Horsemen’s Pride

If your horse likes to crib or chew on their blanket – or even other horses’ tails – try the Pas-a-Fier! This toy is apple scented and can be easily mounted to a wall in most stalls.

Horses can spin it, chew on it, or let it massage their teeth and gums. Horses that have an affinity for chewing love this toy!

If they do not like the apple smell at first, try rolling it around in their favorite grain so it will smell more familiar. You can also try drizzling a little molasses on it, as long as the horse does not have any metabolic or sugar disorders.

This horse toy will help keep your horse entertained and hopefully prevent any further chewing damage to the stall.

Horsemen’s Pride Stall Snack Holder with Apple-Scented Jolly Ball

Horsemen’s Pride Combo Horse Stall Toy: Apple Scented Jolly Ball
  • Combo Stall Toy includes one treat holder (treats and treat refills are sold separately) and one Jolly Ball
  • The perfect boredom buster for horses stalled for long periods of time
  • Designed to be hung in the stable away from walls, the Stall Snack will swing and spin as your horse licks or nudges the ball, making them work to access the treat and move the ball

This fun treat holder includes an interactive apple-scented ball that helps keep horses entertained and happy, even when they have to be stalled.

The flavored snack can easily be refilled once the horse licks the treat down to nothing. Horses that enjoy this toy will knock the ball around and lick the treat, keeping their bodies and minds active throughout the day.

JBC Safety 28” Revolution Series Traffic Cone

JBC Safety 28” Revolution Series Traffic Cone
  • UV inhibitors to prevent fading, textured finish in the conical area to prevent sticking| All cones are made with recycled bases| Includes 3M(TM) Reflective Collar.. Meet MUTCD standards and are NCHRP-350 Certified

You may be surprised to learn that many horse owners find that their horses really enjoy playing with traffic cones! A strong, yet flexible traffic cone like those used on roadways is the safest for horses.

Never let a horse kick around a cheap plastic cone because if it breaks, the sharp edges can cause injuries to a horse’s legs, and they can even ingest sharp pieces of the cones  Also steer clear of collapsible traffic cones.

The traffic cone recommended here has exceptional flexibility, is extremely durable, and can easily be tossed, thrown and kicked around by a horse.

30 Gallon Plastic Water Barrel

30 Gallon Plastic Water Barrel
  • Material: High density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Fittings: 2″ NPT & 2″ Buttress
  • UN Rating: Liquid UN1H1/Y1.8/100
  • Seamless construction

Plastic water barrels like this one can be a fun toy for horses to push over, roll around and chase down. Stick with one like recommended here with no metal parts and a sealed top. This will make it the safest it can be for a horse.

Never let a horse play with a barrel inside their stall; this is strictly to be used as a large pasture toy. If you have the room and a horse that seems interested, then a barrel like this could be the perfect toy for your horse.

Verdana Plastic Gallon Jug

A simply, yet very effective horse toy is just a gallon jug hanging in a horse’s stall. You can put a small amount of treats in it, or even just some pellets that your horse normally eats.

Use some baling twine or paracord  to hang the jug high enough that your horse can’t get its legs hung up in it, but low enough that it can comfortably knock it around with its nose. Remove the lid and your horse will throw the jug around in hopes that the treats or food will fall out of it.

This is an economical and easily refilled horse toy that can keep a horse occupied all day long. Be sure to moderate the amount of food or treats you put in it, as some horses get very good at getting he treats out! You do not want to overfeed your horse by putting too much grain or too many treats in their toy.

Final Thoughts

You may have to try a few different toys until you find the one that your horse enjoys the most. You may even find that rotating various horse toys is the key to keeping your horse interested. Horse toys can provide horses with safe entertainment for hours on end and can help deter bad habits like cribbing, pawing, or pacing.