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11 Virtual Horse Games to Play When You Can’t Be At The Barn!

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Most kids love playing virtual horse games and thankfully there is a large selection for them to choose from. The majority of these games help children learn valuable lessons about responsibility and besides that, they are all very fun to play!

Depending on which platform they are using, kids can find multiple horse-centered games in the virtual world. Whether they are using a smartphone, tablet, video game console or a computer, there is a horse game out there that your kid will love.

The following is a list of the best games on each media platform. It will help you narrow down the search so your child can find the best virtual horse game to play.

Video Games

kids playing video game

Each of the following games requires a specific video game console to play them on.

Barbie Horse Adventures

The Barbie Horse Adventures video game includes 4 different series available on various video game consoles. The series includes Blue Ribbon Race, Mystery Ride, Wild Horse Rescue and Riding Camp.

In each game, players can feed, raise, train and groom their own horses. Players get to play the game as Barbie herself and the character actually gets to ride the horses in the game.

Barbie Horse Adventures is an excellent game for equestrians of all ages. It is particularly fun for kids, especially those who enjoy both horses and Barbie. It is also one of the few equine-centered video games exclusively designed for children, as well as one of the best horse-related games on the market.

  • System: The different series are available on XBOX, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, or Wii game consoles.
  • Price: Ranges from $6.99 to $35.00 depending on the console and condition of the game.

Horse Life

Horse Life  is an exciting horse game that allows players to create their own horses and take care of them daily. Players can train their horses to compete in various events within the game including jumping and dressage.

They can also ride their horses across beautiful landscapes in different interesting locations within the game. One unique feature of Horse Life is that players can buy outfits and riding accessories in stores on the game.

Horse Life is perfect for kids looking for a game where they can create their own horse and ride them whenever they want. It is by far one of the best virtual horse video games available for kids.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Discover Hyrule as never before: by making your own path, choices, and consequences
  • Ingenuity is the key to survival: find multiple solutions to tons of dynamic puzzles
  • Surprises hide around every corner: scavenge weapons, armor, plants, animals, and more

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild  is a fun and action-packed video game, players control the main character of Link throughout his many adventures.

Players are given tasks and quests to complete in order to advance in the game. The most exciting part of the game is that players get to interact with and ride horses within the game.

Link has his own horse and there are also wild horses throughout the game that players can bond, tame and ride around the countryside. This is by far one of the best virtual horse games available where players can ride and interact with impressively realistic-acting horses.

Smartphone/ Tablet Applications

Little girl looking on a brand new Apple iPad Air with various game applications on a screen.

These games are all available as applications on smartphones and tablets.

Horse Haven  

In Horse Haven, kids are able to design and run their own champion horse farm. In this game, players can create their own dream farm for their own stable of horses.

They can adopt, breed and train their horses to compete in events. Players are able to raise their own horses, design their dressage and watch their own farm grow and flourish. Kids can even place their champion horses in exotic competitions around the world within the game.

  • System: Available on Apple and Android
  • Price: FREE

My Horse

My Horse is a fun game for kids where players get to groom and care for their own virtual horse. They can train and compete in various competitions as well as visit the stables of friends who also play the game.

The horses in this game are very realistic and the game is very fun to play. Each and every kid that loves horses will absolutely love playing this game. It is one of the best application games they can choose from.

  • System: Available on Apple and Android.
  • Cost: FREE

Horseworld 3D- My Riding Horse

In Horseworld 3D – My Riding Horse, players get to train their horses for competitions by working with a virtual riding instructor. This game is centered in the arena and players get to focus their energy on beating record times within the game.

Kids that are more interested in competing will enjoy this game above the rest. It focuses more on the action of competition as opposed to the care and grooming of the horse. It is a very fun and exciting game.

  • System: Available on Apple and Android.
  • Cost: FREE

Horse Riding Tales

Riding with Friends & Wild Pony

This is a multiplayer dressage game for horse lovers everywhere! Players can create their characters and train their horses for dressage competitions and show jumping events.

Kids can ride their horse on their own farm within the virtual world and even solve a mystery! It really is a fun game for all kids and one of the best application games kids can play on their smartphones or tablets.

  • System:
    • Riding with Friends is available on Android.
    • Wild Pony is available on Apple.
  • Cost: Free
Little boy gamer playing on laptop at home

Online Games

The games can be played on most computers that have internet access. Kids simply need to visit the website of the game and register to play.

A Virtual Horse

A Virtual Horse is an online game that kids can play where they are able to pick their horse from a large selection of horse breeds. They can pick the body color and hair color of their horse as well.

Players can care for their horses, show them in competitions, and build their farms. Not only are there standards horses in this virtual horse game, there are also ponies and magical horses as well.

As they play the game, kids will be able to unlock the magical realm of the game. A Virtual Horse is very fun and one of the only virtual horse games that offers an extensive breed selection. It is one of the best online games out there.

  • System: Online
  • Cost: FREE

Star Stable

Star Stable is an exciting online game is one the most exciting horse games on the internet. Players get to design their own avatar and then get to pick their horse’s color and mane color.

Once the game is loaded, players can groom, feed and train their horses as well as go on quests and play the game with other friends

Players are also able to download the Star Stable App to take care of their horses on a smartphone or tablet.

  • System: PC / Online
  • Cost: FREE up to level 5 and then the game costs $8.50 monthly to keep playing or a flat fee of $74.99.
Closeup of mobile phone with logo lettering of pc game starstable on computer keyboard

PC Games

PC Games are games that must be purchased and then downloaded onto a computer to play. The following are the best PC games available that are centered around horses and their owners.

Petz Horse Club

Petz Horse Club  gives players the unique opportunity to bond with and tame wild mustangs! Players can raise horses from a foal and watch them grow up.

They can go on adventures with their horses and complete tasks with friends. It is a very fun game for kids and one of the best horse-centered PC games on the market. As a plus, they also have a version for the Nintendo Wii!

  • System: Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Wii
  • Cost: $$ on 

Let’s Ride: Friends Forever

Let's Ride: Friends Forever  is a fun-filled game that allows players to choose their own horse and compete in competitions with them. Players can bond with their horses and take care of them.

This virtual horse game features a diary where players can record their ideas and daily experiences. Kids can even enter their virtual horse in beauty contests within the game. It really is a fun game for kids and one of the best horse PC games they can play.

Final Thoughts

Each of these games is very different from one another and finding the one your kid will enjoy the most depends mainly on what platform they are playing it on. Whether they are using a smartphone, video game console or computer, there is a horse game out there for them. All the games on this list are extremely fun to play and will teach any kid about the importance of taking good care of their horse.