Horse Obstacles are a great way to get your horse used to unfamiliar objects at home.  Desensitizing your horse at home can help improve the way they handle new sights and sounds as they visit new trails, showground or even just riding around a new friends arena.


I haven’t played with this but it looks REALLY interesting and if I had a big arena and some friends…this looks like it would be REALLY cool for desensitization.

Plastic Balls

These are great for a ball pit type obstacle. You CAN build this obstacle for “free” by using your own plastic bottles like milk, water bottles, soda bottles, etc.

Giant Yoga Ball

Certain clinicians have made this type of ball pretty popular and I know from experience that it can be a great tool to help desensitize your horses.

Training Cones

These come in a variety of different sizes and colors. Keep in mind that the small ones are REALLY small. They are nice but small. Take a tall cup, turn it upside down and measure it for comparison.

Inflatable Toys

Imagine your horse’s surprise when they nudge it and it moves backward and then forward towards them! Also, consider a giant inflatable dinosaur or maybe a cactus or taco.