17 Mounted Horse Games You Can Play

📷 There are many ways to have fun on horseback with your students or campers. Here are 17 entertaining mounted games that will keep students occupied during lessons, horse camp, or just a rainy day in the indoor!

📷Safety is paramount when it comes to equestrian activities. You know your students’ skill levels best. Most of these games can be adapted to suit the needs of your students or horses. Have fun, but be safe!

A quick note about safety.

📷Also, most of these games are suitable for beginners, but there are plenty of modifications you could add to challenge advanced students. Use your discretion and adapt the game according to your needs.

Riding a Pattern

📷 This game requires some creativity, but it is suitable for all skill levels and disciplines. Select a flat arena exercise pattern for your students. This could be anything from a simple figure eight around the arena, to a full dressage test or reining pattern. 

Timed races There are plenty of variations of different racing games that you can play, depending on the skill levels of your students.