19 Beginner Horse Riding Exercises to

Shake Up Your Routine

If you’re looking for ways to shake up your riding routine, here are 19 exercises you can try whether you’re a beginner, a trainer teaching beginners – or even if you’re a more advanced student too!"

With new beginners, these exercises are best attempted while the rider is on a lunge line or lead rope. Advanced riders can also try them at different gaits, or perform them in a sequence.

Arm Exercises for Balance

Body Twists

When your horse is on a lunge line, extend your arms to the sides like an airplane. Twist your upper body ninety degrees so that your chest becomes parallel with your horse.

Exercises with No Stirrups

Nothing forces your legs into the correct position quite like riding without stirrups. This can be challenging for beginners, so work your way up from a walk to faster gaits like trot or canter.


Exercise is fun! If you’re a trainer and you want to add some whimsy to your riding routine in a beginner group lesson, try some games to shake things up.