Fun Facts

about the American Saddlebred Horse

There’s nothing quite like the high-action spectacle of the American Saddlebred in the show ring. Find out 15 things that make the American Saddlebred so special.

People were looking for an all-purpose, comfortable riding horse that could also be used on the farm. And so, the American Saddle Horse was born.

They are an All-American Breed

Saddlebreds are good-natured and energetic. In the show ring, they are judged on their liveliness, good manners and willingness to perform.

Their temperaments are like cats: energetic and curious.

Check out here are some distinguishing characteristics

They’re commonly confused with other breeds.


Saddlebreds can come in any color. Often referred to as “the peacock” of the equine world – they’re a truly beautiful breed.

They come in many colors.