Anglo-Arabian Horse

History, Registration, Costs and More

Horse breeders have been crossing Arabians and Thoroughbreds since the 18th century (although the “Anglo-Arabian” as we know it today wouldn’t appear until nearly a hundred years later).

Thoroughbred breed was born when fine English riding horses were crossed with three specific Arabian stallions – and the rest is history.

They crossed imported English mares with Arabian stallions and produced a swift, athletic horse that was used for racing.

Breed History

In England, Anglo-Arabians participate (and win!) consistently at Arabian breed shows. They also excel when competing in Arabian-specific races, as they are allowed to compete as part-breds.

Anglo-Arabians around the world

An Anglo-Arabian may be registered with the Arabian Horse Association if the foal is a cross between a purebred registered Arabian and a purebred registered Thoroughbred.

Registration Requirements