Are Horses Afraid of Spiders?

Signs of Fear in Horses

How do you recognize when a horse is afraid? What is his body language? How does his behavior change? Here are some signs of Horse's fears. 

One of the first signs a horse gives to indicate fear is to turn their whole focus to the object or area where their concern is.

Ears and Eyes Locked Forward on the Object

Heaving breathing and snorting is a very common sign of fear in horses. Typically when a horse is scared, they look and focus on the object, arch their neck and snort.

Heavy Breathing or Snorting

An arched neck on a horse is a beautiful thing. Dressage horses, in particular, are trained for this type of head carriage. It can, however, also be one of the visual clues that a horse is afraid.

Arched Neck

For most horses, their eyes are typically fully colored and not showing any white when in a relaxed state. Horses typically have brown or blue eyes. 

Showing Eye White