YES! - Learn Why


Some horse breeds are referred to as cold-blooded or hot-blooded, and since mammals are all warm-blooded, this may cause some confusion! 

The answer is a resounding yes!  Horses - all horses - are considered mammals. Horses, even their prehistoric ancestors, are members of the mammal family. 

Are Horses Mammals?

They have backbones which makes them vertebrates.  Female horses also nurse their foals with milk they produce using their own mammary glands.

What Makes Horses Mammals?

The horse’s large eyes sit on each side of their head, creating only a couple blind spots but also allowing them to see more of what is around them. Horses can recognize very slight movements that can cause some horses to spook more easily by nature from this defense mechanism.

Horses Have the Largest Eyes of all Land Mammals

Mammals are truly remarkable animals and they are able to do extraordinary things with their bodies. Horses are no exception and horses are unique.