Are Zebras Donkeys?

You may not have noticed, but apart from their distinct colors and stripes, zebras do resemble donkeys in  many ways.

Some of us have wondered if that means that Zebras are actually Donkeys. They both have similar body types, tails, ears and they are both distinctively different in comparison to horses, so could it be?

Zebras actually comprise three separate species all to their own.  They are members of the Equus genus of animals, the same one that includes Horses and Donkeys.

If zebras are not donkeys, what are they?

Zebras are related to donkeys because they both belong to the same genus, Equus, the main animal classification category that groups and ranks species and their subfamilies.

Are Zebras related to Donkeys?

Yes! Interestingly enough, Zebras and Donkeys can breed and create a Zebra-Donkey hybrid known as a Zonkey!

Can Zebras and Donkeys breed?