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Bay Roan

"Bay roan horse breeds have a uniform blend of white hair and bay hair, and this mixture makes their coat look lighter than the typical bay color."

"Since bay hair is typically reddish/brownish, bay roan horses look like red roan horses. But while bay roan horses have black points, red roans have red points."

"Besides coming in bay roan, Appaloosa horses can be blue roan or red roan. They can also be palomino, dun, grulla, black, bay, dark bay, brown, chestnut, and perlino."


"Morgan horses can come in all equine colors. However, solid-colored bays, chestnuts, and blacks are most common. Still, they could be roan, palomino, pinto, dun, or gray."

Morgan Horse

"Dartmoor ponies come in brown, black, bay, gray, and chestnut, and they may have the roan pattern."

Dartmoor Pony

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