Best 7 Horse Breeds For Dressage

A dressage horse and rider are so connected that the rider’s imperceptible commands result in beautifully precise movements from the horse.

Originally, dressage was a skill developed for the battlefield when horses needed to be able to move in tight, confined spaces and respond immediately to the soldier’s command.

Let’s have a look at some of the more common horse breeds are known for dressage!

Westphalian Horse

This is a warmblood horse breed of German origin. They are high horses with a beautiful body and long limbs. The stud book for the Westphalian horse has strict requirements to ensure that only the highest quality stallions are used as sires.

Holsteiner Horse

With it’s origins dating back to 13th century Germany, the Holsteiner is one of the oldest of the warmblood horse breeds. Commonly seen in the jumping ring, the Holsteiner also makes an excellent dressage mount.

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