Best 11 Horse Breeds for Show Jumping

Most horses are capable of jumping in some capacity, as long as they are well trained and have a good attitude.

A horse’s breed isn’t the only factor – your horse must have the proper conformation to carry him over jumps, an enthusiasm to approach jumping with a good attitude, and he must be a good match for you as well (in size, skill, and talent).

if you’re looking for an enthusiastic equine partner to take you to new heights in the jumping competition arena, there are several breeds best suited for the sport.

Selle Francais

The Selle Francais or “French riding horse” is a naturally athletic warmblood sport horse with a talent for jumping. With long sloping shoulders, powerful hindquarter, and strong legs – these horses were built for the showjumping ring.

Dutch Warmblood

Dutch Warmbloods are talented jumping horses that excel in both jumping and dressage. This makes them wonderful 3-day eventers as well. This breed is attractive, well-built, and generally agreeable.

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