Blood Bay Horses

There are hundreds of different Breeds, Styles, Sizes, and Disciplines when it comes to horses. Horses' characteristics vary depending on their background, purpose and overall living conditions.

The color of a horse’s coat was a bit more important before most horses were domesticated and played a part in whether they needed to blend in, camouflage, or hide from a predator nearby in the wild.

A horse’s coat color is determined by his genes, but can change over time and depending on the conditions they live in.

Breaking Down Color

There are multiple different shades of bay including Mahogany Bay, Blood Bay, Copper Bay, Standard Bay, etc.

Fifty Shades of Bay

A blood bay colored horse will have a brown body which appears as a deep blood-red color, and may even appear a deep purple or plum color  in some lights.

A Horse of a Different Color