10 Blue Roan Horse Breeds

A blue roan horse is a horse whose coat has the bluish variation of the roan pattern. The coat of a blue roan horse contains a homogenous mixture of white and black hair, which looks blue from a distance.

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American Quarter Horse

The American quarter horse is one of the oldest American horse breeds and one of the earliest warmbloods, They have a heritage consisting of various horse breeds. American Quarter horses come in 17 officially accepted colors.

Paso Fino

The Paso Fino is a Puerto Rican horse breed with some Spanish heritage. The Paso Fino Horse Association registers Paso Fino horses in all colors. Of course, this means the breed comes in various colors, including blue roan.


The Brabant is a Belgian horse breed closely related to the American Belgian horse breed. Brabant horses are one of the strongest draft horses, and they are perhaps the heaviest draft horse breed. Brabant horses come in various colors, including blue roan.

Welsh Pony

Welsh ponies vary greatly. Hence, there are multiple classes within this breed. Based on height, they fall into four classes. Welsh ponies typically have solid colors but they may also be in Blue Roan and the like.