110+ Names for Your Buckskin Horse

Buckskin horses are beautiful to look at. My favorite is a nice, light buttermilk buckskin color with a creamy coat and dark black stockings. Buckskins, though, come in a wide variety of colors from very light, almost white to very dark, almost chocolate brown. If you are looking for a name for your buckskin horse, you have come to the right place! Let’s get started with some ideas!

Common Buckskin Names

These names are commonly given to buckskin horses. Some are super obvious, some not so much, but it is a good, general list to get us started!

Names for Buckskin Mares

I’ll always be a mare lover first and foremost. Sure, a gelding has his place but there is something about a mare that just clicks right away with me. Maybe it’s the girl power? I don’t know. In any case, these names are great for female buckskin horses.

Names for Buckskin Geldings and Stallions

These are some names that are great for buckskin horses. Some are very common (like Cisco) and others not so much (like Beaver). Which one sounds best for your stallion or gelding?

Names for Male or Female Buckskin Horses

Some names don’t necessarily belong to a girl horse vs a boy horse. These are a handful of gender neutral names. Keep in mind, many of the names in other sections of this post could apply to female or male horses. This is just a list of unisex names that didn’t really fit in any other category.