Can a Zebr

Be Bred With a Horse?

Animal breeders often experiment with breeding similar species in their care, sometimes for specific reasons, and sometimes it happens by accident.

A zorse is what you get when you mix a mare (female horse) and a male zebra. They're also known as zebroids. 

Zorse / Zebroids

People first tried to breed zebras and horses to make smaller versions of horses that were easier to ride.

Reasons to Breed Zebras  With Horses

Africans still use zebroids as pack animals. Their strength allows them to carry a lot of weight long distances without getting tired or sick.

Using Zebroids as Pack Animals

Many zebroids have striped heads and hindquarters. Their mid-sections look more like a horse's, and the color and coat will depend on the father's or mother's.

Do Zebroids Have Stripes?