Can Donkeys Eat


"Many people wonder what foods they can feed to donkeys. Finding the right snacks for them makes feeding time more fun and provides time for you to bond with your animals."

"Apples are the quintessential treat for donkeys, horses, and several other farm animals. The juicy meat of the apple is a delicious snack for them..."

Can Donkeys eat Apples?

"Apples are an amazing treat for donkeys. Usually, apples tend to be very sweet compared to other fruits. Therefore, apples are often best when mixed in with other treats..."

Feeding Apples in a Balanced Donkey Diet

"Overall, apples are a healthy and delicious treat for your donkeys. They’re full of the vitamins, fiber, and minerals your donkey needs to feel good and maintain the right energy levels."

Are Apples Healthy for Donkeys?

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