Can Donkeys Eat 

B a n a n a ?

Bananas are a bit of a nontraditional equine treat. People often see folks feeding horses and donkeys things like carrots, apples, and other crunchy foods.

Donkeys can eat bananas, which are often much more affordable than some other fruits and vegetables donkeys love to eat.

Can a donkey eat a banana?

Donkeys are incredibly robust animals. They rarely get sick and, in general, are not picky eaters. They'll typically eat anything you throw at them, though donkeys certainly have a soft spot for anything with sugar.

Snacks to Keep Your Donkey Healthy

Bananas are usually one of the most affordable fruits in the grocery store. They're way cheaper than other fruits like cherries, berries, and other popular fruit.

You Can Usually Get a Great Deal on Bananas

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