Horses Can Eat Meat

and They Do In Limited Situations

In general, a horse’s digestive system is designed to digest a plant-based it, and for that reason, horses are classified as herbivores. However, there are some outlying cases of when horses have eaten meat.

Should meat be a part of their regular diet? No, their internal system just isn’t designed for it. But, in smaller doses, some horses have taken a turn to the more carnivorous.

If you take a look at a horse’s stomach, you will note that it and the intestines are large and long.

How Horses’ Digestive Systems Are Designed

The flat, molar-like teeth of horses are meant for grinding and chewing rather than tearing and ripping, as sharper teeth are in carnivores.

Digestion Starts with the Teeth

The stomach is only the start of the digestion process and, for a horse, is the smallest section of their digestive tract.

Internal Digestion