Can Horses Eat Pears?

Horses are notorious for loving to eat treats and once they know about them, they will want them all the time!

Can Horses eat Pears? Horses can eat Pears! Pears are an excellent treat for horses, and they are extremely healthy for them.

Pears are safe for horses to eat, if they are only fed a limited amount each day. Pears are natural fruits that are easy for horses to digest.

Are Pears Safe for Horses?

The Antioxidants found in Pears are great for helping to build the immune system of the horses that eat them.

How Healthy are Pears for Horses?

Eating fallen pears or an excess amount of leaves can cause gastric distress in horses and even lead to colic, a potentially fatal digestive illness in horses.

Are Pear Tree Leaves Safe  for Horses?