Pumpkin for Horses – Facts, Recipe and Nutrition

When the air gets that chill and the leaves start to change, that means one thing: it’s pumpkin spice season again.

Can horses eat pumpkin?

Horses can, do and enjoy eating pumpkin. The flesh and seeds are perfectly safe, as is that canned stuff you can buy in stores and bake into treats.

Pumpkin is not terribly high in sugars and is definitely low in fats. Further, it has a decent amount of potassium, at .4 grams per cup. While that is higher in a human context, it poses little to no disruption to a horse’s daily intake, as hay typically yields 8.5 grams per cup. Horses are potassium-eating machines.


Further, pumpkins (the flesh and the seeds alike) contain a number of beneficial vitamins and properties, many of which you can find marketed in dietary supplements, such as:

Carotenes: Helps with developing eyes/vision and strong bones Fatty acids: These are necessary components that are excellent for heart health Fiber: Well known to help aid in digestion Minerals: Calcium, copper, phosphorus and potassium, all of which are part of a body’s essential nutrients for healthy functioning

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