Can Mules

R E P R O D U C E ?

History Says Yes!

A mule is the offspring of a female donkey and a male horse. They possess the best qualities of both parents. 

The short answer – it’s virtually impossible. Most mules do not produce viable eggs or sperm, and are therefore rendered infertile.

Can Mules Reproduce?

Having an extra chromosome can cause all sorts of problems in other species, but this abnormality doesn’t hinder the mule much except when it comes to reproduction. 

Mules are (Usually) Sterile

There happened also a portent of another kind while he was still at Sardis,—a mule brought forth young and gave birth to a mule.

Greece, 480 B.C.

A farmer rode her mule nearly 20 kilometers to the market to sell her goods. The very next day, the mule gave birth – much to the surprise of her owner and local villagers.

Morocco, 2002