Chocolate palominos can often be confused with other dark brown or chestnut color horses. To find out if your horse is a true chocolate palomino, you need to look at its genetics.

Chocolate palominos are a color type, not a breed. They may have a few black or brown hairs in their mane and tail.

What Is a Chocolate Palomino Horse?

A single dilute chestnut is known as a palomino. Chocolate palominos may also result from a pairing between a liver chestnut horse and a palomino.

Chocolate Palomino Horse Genetics

The genetic composition of chocolate palominos consists of a chestnut base coat (ee) and a copy of the cream dilution gene (nCr).

Chocolate Palomino Horse Genetics

Almost every horse breed can produce a palomino. In fact, the Palomino Horse Breeders of America (PHBA) recognizes 17 different blood breeds of horses.