Horse Grooming Brushes in         Steps

DIY Custom Hand Painted


Don't worry about your artistic skills, this project is simple and easy enough for equestrian enthusiasts of all ages. 


Aside from the brushes, you need your paints, a surface to paint on and some brushes. If you have stencils or glitter, bring those too!


Assemble Supplies

Allow base coat to dry before proceeding. Feel free to experiment with colors. Worst-case scenario you sand the brush and repaint it!


Apply A Base Coat

Outline the horse's name with pencil. You can draw your own letters or, find one you like on a free site. Next, begin filling in the name. You could use one color or two. 


Add A Name And ColoR

The polyacrylic is important to protect the paint you just spent so much time applying.  It will provide a protective finish on your brush. 


Spray with Polyacrylic