The Deadly Dangers of 

Horse Kicks

"Most horses that are used to being around people aren’t violent towards them, but even a horse that is used to people has the potential to kick if they feel threatened.

"A horse’s kick can pack the punch of a small car and can severely injure a person standing too close and  even prove fatal in certain circumstances."

Can a horse kick kill you?

"Horses usually do not tend to be aggressive around their owners,  however, anytime you are near a new horse, it is always safe to proceed with caution. "

Are Horses Aggressive?

"A horse may also just be feeling a little feisty or excited, such as when you let them loose in a pasture, and they may kick as an expression of their excitement."

"The more training a horse has on the ground as well as exposure to different situations, the less likely it is to kick out of fear. "