Dapple Palomino Horse Photos, Breeds, and Where to Buy

Dapples in any color horse are most likely present due to an individual horse's genetic makeup. 

While some feeds and grains are purported to help a horse develop darker, more prominent dapples, not every palomino horse will get them.

Dapple Palomino Horse Breeds Here are the top 10 dapple palomino horse breeds: 1. Quarter Horse 2. Morgan 3. Tennessee Walker 4. Paint Horse (yes, paints can have dapples too!) 5. Gypsy Vanner

One of the best ways to learn about all the wonderful variations in color and shade is by looking at photos of gorgeous dapple palominos.

Where to Buy A Dapple Palomino Horse? When looking for your horse, check places like craigslist, the local tack store bulletin board and listing sites like DreamHorse.