Step by Step

Detangling a Matted Mane

The most typical kind of mane mat on a horse is where two or more sections twist themselves together usually forming some type of dreadlock towards the bottom of the mane. Here are some step-by-step to detangle a mane.

Figure out where the biggest part of the mat stops and starts

Here you can see that the mat is in two sections at the top and combines to one section at the bottom.

Add your detangling products

To warm up hardened coconut oil, just pry a chunk of it out and then rub it in the palm of your hand. As the rubbing motion generates heat, the coconut oil will return to a liquid state.

Work this through and start detangling the mane from the bottom up

Use a firm comb to pick the hairs apart, sometimes one by one. The tines can also be used to gently pull sections of hair.

Unravel knots

This can be tedious so just take your time to try and separate out. Sometimes the thicker sections are tightly bound by tiny little hairs.