Detangling A Matted Tail

Extreme Before & After

"In March of 2008, I acquired a thoroughbred mare. This picture shows how she arrived at my facility. She was a sweet, gentle mare but she had the worst matt in her tail I had ever seen. Her entire tail moved as one piece as she would switch at flies. It was like a giant dreadlock."

"It took about an hour and a half to de-matt this tail. Now, if she had been an ill-tempered, flighty or fidgety and I thought I would be in danger being behind her I would not have bothered with it."

"Funny enough once this mare’s tail was detangled she flicked it around a few times and actually spooked herself. She then spent the next 15 min or so kicking out at the now untangled hairs grazing her hind legs."

"It was as if she had had the knot for so long, she was no longer desensitized to the feeling of the individual hairs touching her legs."

"Exactly 1 month after we took the first picture, this was the horse for her photoshoot. This photo shows why no horse should be discounted based on first impressions."