Do Horses Eat Sugar Cubes

Sugar cubes are mainly used to sweeten our drinks, however, many horse owners feed them to their horses as treats!

Are Sugar Cubes Safe for Horses? Sugar cubes are safe for most horses despite most of them containing only sugar. When fed in moderation, sugar cubes can be a safe treat for healthy horses.

Are Sugar Cubes Healthy for Horses? Sugar cubes usually only contain sugar. That means that they do not have any nutrients or minerals that are healthy for horses.

3 Ideas For Using Sugar Cubes For Training Horse treats like sugar cubes are often used to help when training horses, but they should still be limited to only 3 to 4 each day.

Sugar cubes are a popular treat on many farms, but they are not the best choice for all horses. They are not healthy, but neither is the candy that we love to eat!

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