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 Equine Royalty:

The Thoroughbred Horse

"Long associated with flat horse racing (so-called “sport of kings”) the Thoroughbred has stood as a distinct and noble breed of horse for centuries."

"The Thoroughbred then made its way to the new Americas in 1730 by way of Bulle Rock, kicking off a 45 year-long import of 186 Thoroughbreds. "

History of the Thoroughbred

"Expect a Thoroughbred to weigh in at around 1,000 pounds, give or take a hundred or two. Their skeletal structure is made up of fine to medium bones. . "

Characteristics of Thoroughbred

"While the most common colors are chestnut (reddish brown) and bay (dark brown), Thoroughbreds so come in black, gray and white as well. "

Thoroughbred Colors

"Thoroughbreds are smart and generally pick up on new training. There are even featured Thoroughbred makeover competitions that capitalize on how quickly OTTBs can learn a new life."

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