Fun Facts About

the Ardennes Horse

You may have never heard of the Ardennes horse breed, but once you know about them, you will be enthralled. This majestically beautiful breed of horses is one of the oldest draft horse breeds in the world.

Ardennes horses are considered medium-sized draft horses.

The average Ardennes horse stands between 15 and 16 hands tall and weighs somewhere between 1,500 to 2,200 pounds.

Despite their large size, Ardennes horses are very docile and tend to have calm demeanors.

Ardennes horses may be massive creatures, but that does not mean that they are difficult to handle. On the contrary, this breed is known for its calm and docile personality.

They have gorgeous feathering covering their fetlocks, a common characteristic of draft horses

Most horses do have small amounts of hair on the back of their legs, known as fetlocks, but draft horses, including the Ardennes, tend to have a larger amount. This is often referred to as feathering.

They are very successful in competitive driving equine events

The Ardennes horse has found marked success in driving events. These events include pulling carts and carriages, pulling equipment with work harness, and combined driving competitions.