13 FAQ’s About Horse Teeth Floating

When someone says they are going to have their horse’s teeth floated they mean they are going to have a horse dentist or equine veterinarian come out and remove sharp edges from the horse’s teeth.

Baby horses are usually born with no teeth. An adult horse has between 36 and 40 teeth. This number varies because some mares don’t get canine teeth (also called bridle teeth).

If you have ever heard of a horse having a wolf tooth you may have been confused. Why would a horse have a “wolf” tooth. A wolf tooth is a small, vestigial tooth that usually sits in front of the first premolar or cheek tooth.

All horses start out with baby teeth. These teeth are shed when their adult teeth come in. Typically this process is referred to as “losing caps”.

A horse’s teeth should be checked annually by a veterinarian during their annual exam. Always rely on your veterinarians advice for this type of thing.