Feeding Carrots to Horses – Nutrition and Precautions

Can horses eat carrots?

Yes, horses can eat carrots and they typically look forward to getting them as treats.

Carrots Are Healthy for Horses

Carrots are very healthy for horses! Carrots have vitamin C and vitamin A, both antioxidants that support the immune system. 

Carrot Feeding Details Feed them a carrot just the way it is, letting the horse bite off one piece at a time. Chop up carrots and toss them in your horse’s food trough or on top of their hay.

Wash Carrots Before You Feed Them

Any vegetable or fruit that you feed your hose should be rinsed off first. A carrot travels from the ground to a farmer then off to the grocery store that you found it in. 

Feed Carrots in Moderation

How many carrots can I feed my horse? All treats should be fed to horses in moderation. Horses notoriously have a sensitive digestive system and too much of certain foods can cause them severe gastrointestinal issues.