12 Fun Facts About Filly Horses

If you are relatively new to the horse world, you may be a little unfamiliar with some of the terminology, especially terms that apply to horses of specific ages and gender.

The term Filly describes a horse of a specific age range and gender. In general, a Filly is a female horse under the age of 4.

Many equestrians will call any young female horse a Filly, regardless of its exact age, and they are not really wrong. Once a female horse reaches age 4, they are should be referred to as a mare instead of a filly.

A Filly is a Female Horse  Younger Than 4 Years Old

No, a Filly cannot be a Colt. The term Colt is the male equivalent of the word filly; therefore, Colt can only be used to describe a young male horse under the age of 4.

A Filly Cannot be a Colt

A Filly becomes a mare when it reaches the age of 4. In the horse racing world, a Filly does not become a mare until it reaches the age of 5.

Fillies Become Mares