160+ Funny


Sometimes, when naming a horse, you just need to have a little humor. Coming up with a funny horse name can be as simple as a play on words or even combining two rhyming words in a funny way. These names are great to use both as barn names and as show names for your horse. The one thing all of these horse names have in common? They are funny! Now, keep in mind that everybody’s sense of humor is different. Once you narrow down your list to a few names that you like, be sure to see what your friends and trainer think before sending in any paperwork. To get started, here are over 130 funny horse names.."

– Al Capony – Alimony Pony – All Daddy’s Money – An App for That (for an Appy) – And I’m Worth It – Ask Him (What’s Your Horse’s Name?) – Bill Shut – Biscotti the Hottie – Biscuit Eater – Biscuits with Ham

– Bitney Spurs – Bling 182 – Boom Boom Bay Be – Brangelina – Buck Buck Goose – BuckleUp Buttercup – Burnt Tostada

– Can Jump – Cat Sass (say it fast) – Chester Drawers – Chopped Liver – Daddy Said NO – Dapple Ganger – Dappleganger

– Divorce Settlement – Don’t Bar Gin – Dot Com – Dotley Crew (for an Appaloosa) – Edgar Allen Pony – Fatty McButterpants – Fifty Bales of Hay – Fiscal Impact