Golden Horses

9 Breeds with Amazing Shiny Gold Coats

Horses come in many amazingly beautiful colors but few of these colors are known as well as the shimmering golden coat of the Akhal-Teke horse. But, did you know that the Akhal-Teke is not the only golden horse breed?

While very uncommon, the American Quarter Horse does have a relatively few members who carry the "Champagne" horse gene. This gene allows a horse who would normally be a chestnut, to instead be a glittering gold.

Golden Quarter Horses

When looking for a Gold Champagne American Paint Horse, you get the benefit of not only the beautiful gold coat but also the distinct white markings that are the hallmark of the paint pattern.

American Paint Horses

The miniature horse is a great option for you! Miniature horses are known for being short in stature but full of personality.

Miniature Horses

Whether you are looking for a deep golden palomino or a shimmering champagne gold champagne, you won't be disappointed when you look at the pony breeds.

Golden Ponies

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