Retirement Horse Boarding

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All horse owners will need to one day retire their horses. Whether your horse becomes old, sick, or you have a change of plans, your horse will one day take a rest from his job.

You should retire a horse when he is becoming old, getting tired quickly, showing some behavioral changes, when you have a change of goals, or other reasons.

Retiring a horse means that you are reducing (or stopping) the tasks of your horse due to age, health, strength, or even changes in your own personal goals.

Retirement Horse Boarding:  What, Why, and How?

Instead of stopping everything that the horse does, you should gradually reduce his job according to what he can do

Retiring Your Horse by Yourself

If you do not have time to care for your horse or you simply cannot retire your horse by yourself, do not be worried because there are many horse retirement farms that can board your horse.

Sending Your Horse to a Horse Retirement Farm