Gypsy Vanner Horse Breed Profile

Though the Gypsy Vanner has a rich history for the nomadic peoples of the British Isles, these colorful caravan horses are a relatively new to the United States.

Known by many names, the Gypsy Vanner is an elegant carriage horse with a gentle disposition, and they often have unusual coat patterns that set them apart from other breeds.

Throughout history, horses have been bred to pull carts and carriages, which gave people access to an efficient form of transportation. The flashy coloring became popular with these travelers, who then began refining heavy draft horses to better suit their way of life in a caravan. 

Breed History Origins of the Caravan Horse

Each breed association has different requirements for individual Gypsy Vanners. Overall, a Gypsy Vanner should be a small draft horse with “overall substance and bone”, significant feathering on the legs, and a flowing mane and tail.

Breed Characteristics

The Gypsy Vanner horse is beautiful, strong, and kind-hearted. They are good for beginners, as well as for experienced adults who are looking for a quiet, comfortable ride.

Is a Gypsy Vanner right for you?