Gypsy Vanner 



The Gypsy horse is a striking breed. Their appearance isn't their only quality - this breed is captivating in many ways.

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Gypsy horse is known for having distinct feathering on its lower legs. Gypsy horse can compete shows against other feathered breeds.

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Feathering: A Whole Range

The Gypsy’s coat can come in a wide variety of colors including black and white, buckskin, palomino, gray and even cremello or perlino.

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Gypsy Horses Coat Colors

The Gypsy horse’s color variations also extend to a variety of eye colors, with some Gypsy horses possessing striking blue eyes.

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The Eyes Have It

They eat the same diet as any other horse. Some Gypsy horse owners may supplement their horses with Biotin in an attempt to facilitate healthy hair growth.

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What Gypsy Horses Eat