Holsteiner Horse

Breed Profile - History, Height,  & Temperament

"Holsteiners are horses with history! While not as commonly owned or well-known here in the US as other breeds... this beautiful breed is a classy mount, with a flair for eventing, especially."

"...you may not know it, but you probably have seen this beautiful breed as a modern Olympic sport horse. With a graceful confirmation, Holsteiner horses are built for elegant carriage and flashy moves."

Holsteiner Appearance

"Holsteiner horses are widely regarding for possessing a good temperament, excellent rideability and an unwavering willingness to work..."

Holsteiner Breed Personality and Temperament Traits

"About 750 years back, the first Holsteiners were recorded in an area of Northern Germany known as Schleswig Holstein, which is where the Holsteiner name comes from."

The History of the Holsteiner