The Scoop on Horse Colic and Poop

5 FAQ's Answered

When it comes to colicing horses, poop, or lack thereof, is something horsemen will use to determine if a horse is colicing. The truth is, horse poop isn't as definitive an answer as you might think.

Colicing horses can poop, but lack of poop can be a symptom of colic. I know, this sounds very confusing. The reason some colicing horses poop is because not all colics result in a blockage of the intestines.

Will a Horse With Colic Poop?

The vet can look at the poop for clues to your horse's colic. A high number of worms in the horse's poop might indicate that a high worm load is causing the issue.

Poop Is a Diagnostic Tool for Colic

If your horse isn't pooping but he still has an appetite, try grazing him on some fresh, green lawn grass.

Fresh Grass Might Help Your Horse Poop

For adult horses, diarrhea isn't normally present. An adult horse that is having a prolonged episode of diarrhea is likely to be ill and a veterinary exam should probably be performed.

Colic Can Sometimes Lead to Diarrhea