Horse Lameness

Types, Causes, and Treatments

Lameness can occur in any horse at any time, even if you have done everything in your power to prevent it. If you have not experienced lameness in one of your own horses yet, chances are you will eventually.

Horse lameness is an abnormal change in the gait of a horse that results in a decreased ability or desire to perform at its normal capacity.

Recognizing the signs of lameness in a horse is probably easier than you think. Some signs are more severe which makes them easier to spot.

Signs of Horse Lameness

The horse may be favoring a particular leg, meaning it avoids putting too much weight on it or using it at all.

Abnormal Gait

Even when you give the horse feed or do something that would normally cause excitement or movement, the horse will show little interest and continue to stay in the same place.

Unwillingness to Move