10 Easy Horse Obstacles You Can Buy for Under $20

Calmer, braver horses. That is something we all want right? Nobody likes to ride a horse that spooks at it’s own shadow, jumps at everything in the bushes and shies away from stepping over things that are unfamiliar. Horse obstacles can help with that.


Wow to the number of obstacles you can set up with balloons. There are different sizes available. Most commonly is 11 – 12 inch but you could experiment with larger balloons

Plastic Balls

These are great for a ball pit type obstacle. You CAN build this obstacle for “free” by using your own plastic bottles like milk, water bottles, soda bottles, etc.

Giant Yoga Ball

Certain clinicians have made this type of ball pretty popular and I know from experience that it can be a great tool to help desensitize your horses.

Inflatable Toys

Did you ever have one of those inflatable punching bags as a kid? Imagine your horse’s surprise when they nudge it and it moves backward and then forward towards them!