Horse Riding Camera Gear: 

Exploring Options & Products

The journey to making an excellent horse-riding video begins with getting the right horse-riding camera gear. It is important to figure out which camera set-up is most comfortable for your riding style.

Mounting a camera on your helmet offers the ability to film as comfortably as possible, often forgetting it is even there at all.

Helmet Only Cameras

The GoPro Camera is our number one pick because you can also use it chest mounted, or even mount it to your horses breast collar

Shoulder, Chest, and Helmet Cameras

You can set up an auto-follow camera up to video you as you ride! Auto-follow cameras allow you to video yourself riding horses without the need of a cameraman.

Auto-Follow Camera

Instead of bouncing around and creating choppy and bouncy footage, a handheld gimbal will make you look like a professional videographer.

Handheld Gimbals

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