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Horse Tails

A General Overview Of Your Horses Best Asset

The tails of horses are truly majestic. They look so much better when they have a nice full tail. Of course, tails aren’t everything.

Many of us think that horse tails are just tufts of long hair, much like the hair that grow on our scalp. Just like dogs, elephants and giraffes, horses do have a tail bone that provides the core structure on which the tails grow.

The horse’s tail consists of bone, muscle and nerves. They can effortlessly cause their tail to swish back and forth. Tail movement can also tell you a lot about a horse’s current mood.

Horses should be groomed regularly to ensure coat health. It’s also a great way to bond with them. If your horse has a tail that hasn’t been brushed in a while, it may need to be detangled.

Some horses really enjoy the grooming process and having their mane and tail braided.